Przi – Django

Przi or Matteo Tentori Przi, was born in Lecco, Italy. Since a very young age he found himself deeply passionate about electronic music and the art of DJing. He harnessed his talent at a mere 19 years and since then, has grown hugely as an artist, exploring a wide variety of sounds and genres. Now, he is a resident DJ at the Orsa Maggiore Disco Club in Italy.

For his latest release, Przi brings to stage a huge electro banger. Sampling the world famous Jamie Foxx, who started in box office hit Django Unchained, this track manages to create an air of pulsating energy and feel good vibes. With clever arrangements and bolstering baselines, the track slowly turns up into fiery dance floor killer. If the productions title is any indication of the future success of this track, then we are sure to have a chart topping tune in our midst!

Get low when the whistle blow.