Tony Romera – Zombie

Tony Romera has had a pretty exceptional year in 2015 with releases on VNTGRD, Sosumi, OTW, Zerothree, and Guru. He finishes the year off in style with a track that reflects his new, infectious, style which has seen his popularity and respect amount to new heights.

This new track called “Zombie” does not in disappoint. With a filthy drop it’s easy to see why club are lining up for the DJ/Producer. With an essence of grime and underground sound, the track leaves a peak-time midnight raving vibe that we can all relate to. And having curated one of We Rave You’s podcasts this year, it’s fair to say we’re big fans of his unique and varied sounds and styles.

Acting as a good choice from Guru Records and Gregori Klosman himself, “Zombie” will no doubt delight fans of Bass House and the dirtier spectrum of house music.

Expected to release on November 30th. Check out the preview below!

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