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Adrian Lux – Torn Apart (Charlee Acoustic Version)

Swedish producer Adrian Lux’s latest single on Axwell’s Axtone Records has been certainly garnering a lot of attention. Titled “Torn Apart”, this house music masterpiece effectively provides a blissful and soulful auditory experience with its impeccable blend of guitar riffs and melodies. Some incredible vocals are included as well, which suitably adds another dimension to the track. Focusing on these vocals, Axtone recently released an acoustic version of “Torn Apart” sung by singer Sara Nyman Charlee.

The acoustic version features the original track’s stunning melody being played on the piano. Coinciding with the already beautiful piano piece, Charlee’s singing performance adds even more amazement and makes this acoustic version an absolute must-hear. Altogether, listening to the astonishing combination of the melody and the vocals will surely bring the feels out and possibly shed a tear or two.