Axtone reveals the man behind the artwork

Axwell’s legendary record label Axtone has recently turned ten years old and has celebrated the occasion with a breadth of content ranging from the massive Axtone Ten box set to more niche videos such as the one below which goes in depth with the labels fascinating artwork from it’s creator Jens Grönberg.

Starting off the video, Jens discusses how he met the Swedish legend, with the emphatic producer running into Jens’ house without warning and talks about how he’s the only man he knows who would “drive 3 hours straight to an area with a beautiful nature to sit inside for 3 days straight on the computer”.

Grönberg goes on to tell us how important the logo of Axtone was in the beginning, and telling us how each track released would get their own symbol from tracks like “Open Your Heart”. After a while Axwell and Grönberg wanted something bigger, then came a long a little record called “Leave The World Behind”


This became a watershed moment for Grönberg and Ax, as they decided each release after this would follow suit and have a “sci-fi” feel. What starts as a simple couple of sketches soon ends up as an artful masterpiece as Grönberg explains that if an idea works in a “small size, it will look fantastic big. ” His main aim is that the artwork acts as a parallel to the music, and the two act hand in hand for the listener to create an idea and an experience deeper than the music. As Axtone reaches ten years, we only home the fantastic work from everybody at the label continues.

Check out the video below for more on Axtone and it’s artwork: