Cash Cash change direction with latest track “Escarole”

Cash Cash’s diverse production have earned them wide acknowledgement and praise from all corners of the industry. Their synthy basis has extended towards radio friendly tracks and club ready tracks, with the latter being ever-present for “Escarole”.

Premiered on Billboard 3 days ago, their latest material see’s another new angle of sound by the trio. A darker and harder tone, it will no doubt leave many surprised. Which makes the title of the track even more bemusing, as it seems to be completely unrelated to the formal definition of a lettuce-like vegetable.

“Escarole is slang for money, it’s like an Italian slang. It’s actually said like ‘scarole,”

With prominent bass lines sitting below the edited vocal sample, the structure itself differs from much of their previous work. Similar to many deep and future house tracks this year in terms of sound, Cash Cash still manage to create something distinctive, a trademark characteristic of theirs nowadays. With dynamic chords throughout, the evolving and devolving layers bring a bit more to the tracks atmosphere. Add to that the mesmerizing random movement of the escarole plant in the simplistic video, and you get a unique experience for your senses.

“Escarole” follows Cash Cash’s tactic of “…always trying new things…It’s not fair to our audience to make the same song over and over again.”

Set to feature on their upcoming album which is going through the fine tuning phase, it seems 2016 will lead to even more Cash Cash – which we can’t wait for!

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H/T: Billboard

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