Dyro provides some music production tips in new video

Dyro has unquestionably been one of the industry’s most prominent and reputable music producers. From being Hardwell’s sidekick on Revealed Recordings during his young career to launching his own record label, WOLV, the Dutch DJ has been distinguished as one of the best electro house minds out there. With his hard-hitting and bass-heavy tracks such as “Leprechauns & Unicorns”, “Black Smoke”, and “Pure Noise”, many people might wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Dyro’s often unimaginable tracks.

In a recent video published by software company Image-Line, Dyro teaches one of electronic music production’s biggest tricks. Using FL Studio, Dyro gives a little glimpse of his production by providing some tips on managing bass frequencies and harmonics.

The video kicks off with one of electronic music production’s foundations, which is creating a relationship between the kick drum and sub frequencies. Dyro shows this by sidechaining through the use of volume automation to precisely control the mix. He then reveals that any harmonic and kick drum can be grabbed from any sample and with the Edison plug-in, producers can select specific waveforms.

Dyro uses the Sytrus oscillator to switch a harmonic to a synth, which creates a complete bassline when combined with the kick drums and the sub. To conclude the video, he also explains how to sidechain in a more in-depth way; teaching some useful techniques to not only to control volume but also to change speed and other available options within the software. Altogether, the video is a great package of helpful tips for any beginning producer and a useful lesson for anyone trying to enhance his or her production skills.