Kygo announces the release date for his debut album

Norwegian Tropical – House sensation Kygo has amassed a large fan following in the build-up to the present stage in his career. From the times when his remixes were part of each and every summer mix that was uploaded to the performance that he is due to give at the Telenor Arena on Dec. 11 as a performer at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, the journey has been nothing but surreal. Relaxing tunes, a masterful hand at the piano and a knack for creating the best vibes with his tracks, Kygo has just announced his debut album as another treat for his fans.

The album is due for the 12th of February 2016, which will only cause more anticipation till it hits the racks. The Norwegian star had this to say when questioned about his album:

I’m working on a lot of original material that I’m super excited about. I’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented vocalists, guitarists and producers, and I can’t wait to share more originals in the future.

So with loads of talent and skill working together with Kygo, the album is cut out to be worth the anticipation. Recent release like ‘Stay’, with Maty Noyes, and old ones like ‘Nothing Left’, with Will Heard, and Stole The Show with Parson James, Kygo is showing that his focus on working with vocalists and vocals is paying off. So with that in mind, we could be looking at more releases featuring vocals.

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