Maarten Vorwerk

Maarten Vorwerk has created the ultimate EDM production bible

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Maarten Vorwerk has emerged from being the unknown ghost producer behind dozens of hit tracks, to now a recognized, and reputed figure in the industry. The man behind numerous electronic dance music and mainstream hits has acted anonymously alongside the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Usher, Major Lazer, Tiesto and many many more, including infamously Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike as well as DVBBS in the past few years.

His ‘Tip Of The Week’ is one of the most sought after pieces of advice that aspiring DJ’s follow religiously to better improve their skills and technique for musical production. So imagine their reaction if it was collated into one big compilation. A production bible as it were…for the end of 2015.

Having started out with Hardcore music and made his way into Trance, then into Jump/Hardstyle before entering the commercial club music sphere, it’s fair to say Maarten Vorwerk is one of experts of EDM’s genre-spectrum.

Compiled of 86 tips, the list of topics goes from major aspects such as layering, mixing, mastering and song tempo to more practical, logistical advice such as export referencing, saving CPU, arranging and how to get your record signed.

Never has there been such a complete listing of advice for entering the industry as a Disk-Jockey and/or Producer. Accompanied with written and visual explanation, each tip in itself acts as a little nugget of golden information. And better still, true to his open, fostering nature, Maarten Vorwerk has given it away for free.

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