Home Uncategorized Martin Garrix releases “Bouncybob” in time for 2016
Martin Garrix and 2015 have

Martin Garrix releases “Bouncybob” in time for 2016

Home Uncategorized Martin Garrix releases “Bouncybob” in time for 2016

Martin Garrix and 2015 have seen incredible high’s, accompanied with a few drama’s. But it’s needless to say, and imperative to remember, how far the young, flying Dutchman’s music has come in just 365 days. Having gone from big-room hits, to expanding his catalogue, skill-set and popularity, Martin Garrix’ year will undoubtedly go down in EDM folklore as one of the finest by an artist, not just a teenager. Not simply for what was achieved, but what it implies for the future and the scene as a whole.

So what better way for the youngest headliner in the scene, than with yet another free download. Reflecting his gracious attitude to his fans and career so far, his constant positivity is also what sets him apart from many others. “Bouncybob” has been teased throughout his social media platforms and in a number of his sets. And as promised, it’s here for New Years, as a grateful gift from him, to you.

Joining up with Justin Mylo and Mesto, Martin Garrix adds yet another direction, and sound-pool to his portfolio. Drifting away from the melody orientated productions, his latest track brings the impact of his early big-room tracks. Also employing the head-nodding infectious vibes the futuristic, deep house wave has brought throughout 2015, “Bouncybob” is once again another example of the young titan’s ability to deliver. Over and over again.

So without further ado, Happy New Year, from Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo and Mesto, to You.

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