Tundran Provide One Of 2015’s Best Nu Disco Tracks

Tundran are a new name to the ever-growing list of Swedish DJ/Producer talents. The duo however aren’t exactly following the same genre’s many of their fellow Swede’s have conquered over the years. Their infectious indie dance/nu disco sound brings with it funky and groovey vibes, making their music portfolio a canvas of nostalgic sounds for many listens of electronic music. Which also makes Tundran’s signing to PRMD Records for their latest single even more surprising, as it doesn’t quite align with the genre’s of the labels poster boy, Avicii.

Continuing the Avicii link, Tundran remixed one of the Swedish DJ/Producer titans biggest tracks in recent times, “Waiting For Love”. Adding to the list of achievements, the pair also boast a single, “Still Afraid“, which has amounted nearly 450k plays on SoundCloud. Not to mention their feature with an Earmilk mixtape.

Heir latest track, “Kimono”, has an instrument heavy basis. Opening with an arrangement of soothing synths, funky guitar strings and distorted keyboard chords, Tundran certainly hit the satisfying button with the atmosphere created. Carrying an organic flavour to it, the evolving track is topped by a set of soft male vocals with emotive lyrics, adding to the air of nostalgia.

Continued keyboard activity, dreamy synths and guitar movement helps develop Tundran’s special effect on the ears. Calming in sound and warming in effect, the Swedish duo have certainly found a sweet spot for many esteemed listeners of electronic music.

Check out the full preview below and grab your copy today!

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