Axwell talks India in a recent interview at VH1 Supersonic Festival

Goan festivals’ staple headliner Axwell, has become increasingly popular with the Indian EDM fan base. Fans reciprocate a similar respect Axwell shows towards Indian shores, and has lead to the strengthening of Axwell-India ties. The Swedish House Mafia forerunner has forever taken a keen interest in the country and on numerous occasions professed his love for the same. In a recent interview with INAS, he commented on the possibility of incorporating Hindi vocals in his music –

“I have been trying to figure this out, but you know it is so hard because I don’t understand the language. I would love to take some vocals from here and there which I’ve heard in the Indian songs, but since I don’t understand I might take a really weird sentence you know, and that won’t make any sense. So, it is kind of a hard thing to do”

Axwell has been performing for Indian audiences since 2012 when he toured with Swedish House Mafia, and with Sebastian Ingrosso in 2014 as Axwell /\ Ingrosso. He closed off 2015 by hitting the decks at VH1’s Supersonic festival. There, he also opened about his inspirations –

“I get inspired by everything… But then again I just get inspired while I am making music, I get inspired by the music itself. And sometimes you are in a mode when you feel personal and emotional, which is when you make certain tracks, and then sometimes you are in a more rave mode where you make music like a banger where you know people will go crazy. So it just depends on the state of mind.”

Via: Business Standard