Calvin Harris reigns once gain on the list of highest-paid DJs

Just like us, many of you out there are probably wondering how much DJs are making. “Oh that guy is overrated and overpaid”, as you have heard a million times during sets of the top-earning DJs; but how much exactly is he being paid? A recent story from has gathered information to answer your questions:

Calvin Harris. Net worth: $160M. Played 77 shows in 2015. Has 13M Facebook fans.

deadmau5. Net worth: $53M. Played 34 shows in 2015. Has 9M Facebook fans.

Steve Aoki. Net worth: $55M. Played 143 shows in 2015. Has 7.5M Facebook fans.

Sven Vath. Net worth: $14M. Played 106 shows in 2015. Has 1M Facebook fans.

Richie Hawtin. Net worth: $9M. Played 82 shows in 2015. Has 1.2M Facebook fans.

Diplo. Net worth: $15M. Played 72 shows in 2015. Has 2.3M Facebook fans.

Skrillex. Net worth: $36M. Played 81 shows in 2015. Has 19.5M Facebook fans.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list but simply a conclusion drew from information gathered. As you can see, Calvin Harris has once again taken the crown with 160 million dollars in net worth. His residency in Las Vegas mega clubs has sure paid off.

With a new year to come, who do you think will top Calvin Harris in 2016? Stay tuned for more updates.