Eric Prydz teases new album with a burst of visual supremacy

Eric Prydz was one of the electronic genre’s peak performers in 2015. From his label work and individual brilliance to continued dominance on sets and podcasts, it’s fair to say the Swede has found yet another gear of performance. Excelling in both auditory and visual aspects in his work, his Pryda label’s 10th anniversary celebrations are about to receive their center-piece. An album from the progressive titan himself.

Suitably titled ‘Opus’, the album reflects not only one his greatest musical masterstroke’s with “Opus” the single, but also by its definition – An artistic work, especially one of a large scale. The album track listing has already had fans in frenzy of excitement and bursting anticipation. Accompanied with the classic Prydz characteristic of an extended preview period before its release, the end is on the horizon, with the video trailer dropping.

Filled with mesmerizing visuals, similar to that of the “Opus” video, Eric Prydz takes delves into a computer graphic basis for the 42 second video. With a richness and depth through sharp colour, creative angles and dynamic scenes, the visual accompaniment to the album’s build up suitably adds to the eagerness around it.

And with 6 days to go before its release on February 5th, the exclusive vinyl and merchandise that goes along with the landmark album adds a more iconic edge to the evolution of the LP.

Available today for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes. Check out the video below!

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