Hardwell opens ‘The Voice of Holland’ with his song “Mad World”

Without a doubt, one of Hardwell‘s biggest releases in 2015 was his song with singer Jake Reese called “Mad World“. Ever since its debut during his set at Ultra Music Festival Miami, Hardwell has always played the track for his shows especially when he performed with Reese live on stage during the Amsterdam Music Festival. With the success of his song, Hardwell opens the recent episode of ‘The Voice of Holland’ with “Mad World” after being invited to kick the show off.

Performing with the show’s top eight remaining participants, Hardwell plays on stage with the vocals of Ivan Peroti, Jared Grant, Jennie Lena, Dave Vermeulen, Ivar Vermeulen, Maan de Steenwinkel, Melissa Janssen, and Brace. Each contestant sang a small portion of Reese’s vocals, which perfectly meshed together in unison and wrapped up a short but sweet overall performance.