KSHMR opens up on Instagram, reveals the man behind his project’s success

There may be very few artists who share the humbleness and attitude that KSHMR showcases at his various shows, through social media posts and relationship with fans. From every ‘Respect’ post and comment that he makes on Facebook and Twitter to the various tickets/fly-ins and Free Downloads he gifts to his fans, he is a source of inspiration for everyone involved in the field of Dance Music. For aspiring artists to be grounded and for big names to learn fan relations and not just let the big labels handle that aspect of artist life. While there are very few that come close to his level of production know-how and versatility, even the Indian origin American artist has someone to make the whole KSHMR project successful.

Unsurprisingly, that person is none other than Spinnin’ Records Artist & Repertoire manager. For those who are curious, A&R management at any recording label handles the talent scouting, looking after the up and coming artists and also looks after the ‘artistic development of recording artists and songwriters‘ who are part of the label. So while you may have never heard Jorn’s name explicitly at any release, he is essentially the man behind most of your Spinnin’ favorites.

KSHMR took to his Instagram account to make sure that his work does not go unnoticed. And what better way could there be other than crediting Jorn as the driving force when he felt a block in his artistic life. He appreciates his continuous support and even calls him an equal collaborator on his biggest songs of 2015, “Secrets” and “Jammu”.

KSHMR isn’t the only one who has done this. Motivational posts have been coming from all directions. From Gareth Emery’s recollection of his last 10 years and the struggles he has overcome to be where he is right now to the likes of Airwave writing about the evolution of Trance and what effects it is having. There are differences and difficulties in the industry and they increase constantly as you grow bigger, but at the same time there are inspirations like these who, just through simple words, help us in overcoming and understanding what comes next in the industry’s as well as an artist’s personal development.

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