Kygo discusses his album and monumental Barclay’s center show

Kygo has been somewhat of an unstoppable force over the past number of years. From his infamous Soundcloud remixes to the popular originals he’s been belting out as of late, absolutely everyone seems to love the Norwegian star.

Billboard had the chance to sit down with Kygo recently at Winterfest, and the producer discussed his upcoming album, Cloud Nine which is due to be released next month. Citing a change in sound from the tropical house hits he’s known for, Kygo told us to expect “something different” which will excite his fans as his signature sound has started to feel slightly overdone as of late.

Kygo also talked about his recent Barclay’s center show which was by far the biggest show of his career as he showcased his live setup to thousands of fans in New York. We’re also told that upcoming shows could feature live instrumentation such as guitars and drums.

You can watch the interview here .