Mat Zo confirms upcoming album’s release date and uploads rejected demos

Since the release of his Grammy-nominated debut album ‘Damage Control’ in 2013, many fans have been anxiously anticipating British producer Mat Zo’s next album. Featuring such magnificent tracks like “Easy” and “Lucid Dreams”, the two-year-old release has topped numerous charts and has effectively solidified Mat Zo’s status as one of the best in the business.

After the long wait, however, Mat Zo has now confirmed that his second album is set to be released this February. Zo replied, “Early feb”, to a fan on Twitter who had asked about the album’s release date, which happens to be closer than we expected. Unfortunately, an official date has yet to be specified but we will keep an eye on any further details.

Along with this announcement, Zo uploaded a couple of tracks that were rejected from his new album. These five demos did not make the cut but they are certainly still worth listening. From the dubstep-inspired “Eyes Open” to the soothing “Supernova”, it may shock some people that these tracks were actually turned down. Thus, we could only expect big things from Zo’s upcoming album as well as some possible singles along the way.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut