Album Review: Steve Angello releases final chapter of ‘Wild Youth’

The wait is officially over. Steve Angello‘s highly-anticipated album ‘Wild Youth’ has finally arrived following today’s release of the second chapter, which features 6 additional new tracks. And whilst it may only be January, ‘Wild Youth’ already has the potential to be one of the albums of the year.

Following on from the previous releases in chapter one, the second chapter kicks off with ‘Rebel Nation‘, an atmospheric, intense production that features a raw aggressive bass-line throughout coupled with some pulsing plucks and the infectious vocals of Andrew Watt. Whilst in ‘Last Dance‘, we see Steve collaborate with younger brother AN21 to produce a pop-infused dance track that features some emotional vocals from Franz Novotzy. This is by no means your typical dance track, but once again highlights the Angello brother’s incredibly diverse production skills. The emotional flow of the album continues with ‘Stockholm Skies‘, a track fluttered with guitar riffs and atmospheric chords and pads. The chillingly good vocals provided by Tom Taped and Alex Aris do not dominate the track, but are essential in bringing the emotional element of the song to life.

Up next is ‘Revolution’, where the Swede again chooses to step away from his more typical sound to deliver an intense track that has a deep house vibe as the song progressives, before the mood of the track lifts towards the conclusion with the addition of some light piano chords. Whilst ‘Someone Else‘ sees Steve return to his roots with a hard-hitting electric track that will be sure to have clubs and festivals rocking, and features the impressive vocals of Dan Reynolds. The album comes to a fitting conclusion with ‘Stay’, where the unbelievable vocals of Saints of Valory take over, which sound almost like a mix between U2’s Bono and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The emotional journey of this album reaches its climax in the latter part of this song, as the years of hard work that Angello has put into this first solo album are showcased in all its glory. We are also treated to some motivational words from Steve himself as a final installment of the album, as he describes some of his past experiences and explains the limitless world of music.

‘Wild Youth’ is available for purchase here.

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