Armin cancels ASOT Utrecht mainstage performance after Paul van Dyk falls off stage & is hospitalized

As it might have caught everyone’s attention, last night’s performance on the ASOT main stage was one that all had been waiting for as it was Paul van Dyk‘s debut ASOT main stage in Netherlands but it wasn’t all good. During the set the German Trance legend fell off stage and was reportedly taken to a hospital using a helicopter.

As the news flooded social media platforms, Armin took to his Facebook account to issue an official statement stating that main stage was closed due to the incident but other stages will function. He also spoke live at the main stage as he rightfully closed performances in respect for fellow Trance legend.

Tonight Paul van Dyk fell off the stage. He’s on his way to the hospital. He’s one of the heroes of A State of Trance Festival and that’s why we have closed the Mainstage.
All of the other stages are open until 6 o’clock. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

We eagerly await more reliable information from sources to confirm that Paul is alright and safe. We pray for his safety.

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