Dyro releases ‘Set Me Free’ EP

Dutch dynamite Dyro has been held in high regard for reviving the growly, bass house genre, and once again showcases his incredible production skills in his new four-track EP entitled ‘Set Me Free’, released today through Wolv Records.

The EP kicks off with Dyro’s collaboration with Loopers, who reunite for the first time since they teamed up in 2014 to deliver ‘Jack It Up’. They team up on this occasion to bring us “Set Me Free”, which features their signature electro house sounds and hard-hitting basslines, and will undoubtedly cause mayhem during the upcoming festival season. And with the addition of male vocals to add that unique touch, Dyro and Loopers do not disappoint. Up next is ‘Surrenda‘ featuring Le Prince, an uptempo track but yet features a trap-style beat. The energy created at the drop through the raw electric synths will destroy any dance floor, this track is really one of a kind.

Whilst in comparison, ‘Predator‘ has quite an R’n’B vibe to it, with a classic hip-hop beat combining with the sharp deep bass synths. This may be the most surprising track on the EP, but once again highlights just how versatile a producer the Dutchman has become. The EP concludes with ‘Artifact‘, a track which is more typical of the producer’s old style, with high detuned saw leads and pulsing basslines, yet always packing a punch at the drop. Overall, this EP confirms Dyro’s status as one of the hottest producers at the moment, and we are hoping for more of the same throughout the rest of 2016.

Stream the full EP, or purchase ‘Set Me Free’ here.