Eric Prydz wraps up proceedings for Beats 1 with final mix of the season

Over the past 4 months, fans of progressive house maestro Eric Prydz have been treated like never before from the Swede. For a producer who has an endless vault of unreleased tracks and IDs, hardcore fans finally had their prayers answered as a mammoth ammount of songs were played on Prydz’s Beats One show, many of which are over 5 or 6 years old. As recently revealed in his Reddit AMA, he felt as though it wasn’t fair on the hardcore fans who’ve been waiting for years to hear some of these tracks and so the Beats One mix was the perfect opportunity to showcase these IDs and fan favourites.

Sadly, Eric has brought this series of his Beats One mixes to a close, and it perfectly coincides with the release of his debut artist album “Opus”, so to celebrate, Prydz used his last mix to play the album in full, and gave small insights into each track as the album played. We learn throughout the 2 hours journey that the intro track “Liam” was named after Eric’s good friend while on tour in America and “Trubble” is Eric’s favourite track to play out live from the record and is a nod to his techno moniker Cirez D, which is as he describes it, a “proper dark room destroyer.” Hopefully this isn’t the end of Prydz’s run of shows on Beats One, and we’re praying he’ll return to the platform again after the summer to stun us all with some of the greatest electronic music around from a man at the absolute top of his game.