Fedde Le Grand’s first album in 7 years set for release

It has been 7 years since Fedde Le Grand released an album. And while we’d argue that is 7 too many, we coming bearing good news – on February 26th, the Dutchman’s album “Something Real” will be released.


Set to deliver 14 new tracks on the album, Fedde doesn’t do things in halves. With 5 of the tracks already pre-released, the likes of “Keep On Believing”, “The Noise” and “Feel Good” have given insight of his current creative process and a taster of what is to come. An ever-expanding portfolio of sound and collaboration has led the headliner to a multi-faceted piece of work. Calling upon the likes of Holl & Rush, Jonathan Mendelson and Merk & Kremont, the showcasing of electronic sub-genres and production is of the highest caliber.

Also joining forces with Fedde Le Grand is multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter MoZella, who has co-written Miley Cyrus’ No.2 hit “Wrecking Ball”, One Direction’s “Perfect” and three of Ellie Goulding’s tracks from her latest album Delirium. In turn already making her collaboration with Fedde on “Beauty From The Ashes” likely to be an album highlight. Another highpoint of the LP comes in the form of Fedde’s cover of Corona’s timeless classic record “Rhythm Of The Night”. The first time this iconic vocal has been formally cleared for use, fans can expect Fedde to once again effortlessly stamp his signature style on the track, and that is something we can all appreciate.

Having just released “Give Me Some”, Fedde is now entering one of his busiest 2 months to date with a touring schedule that includes Ultra South Africa, and the second annual production of ‘GRAND’ soon to be showcased at the ZiggoDome. All in all leading to a majorly positive indication for what 2016 has in store from Fedde Le Grand.

In just over 2 weeks his first studio LP since 2009 will be available on a number of platforms, however it does come as an exclusive pre-order. Grab your copy on iTunes/Apple Music today!

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