Genix & Sunny Lax – Black Water/Seven EP

Anjunabeats, Above and Beyond’s music label, has been getting some incredible talent over the past years. Two artists that have pushed the label’s breadth and depth musically have been the incredibly talented Genix (Damion Houchen) and Sunny Lax (Levi Márton). For the first time, the two have collaborated to make a double A-sided release in “Black Water/Seven”.

Black Water” is a fantastic trance track, and has a strong drive throughout the whole song. With teetering, light vocals dispersed throughout the track, and billowing, energetic chord progression, this track brings delightful amounts of energy throughout the song. The transitional pieces of the song feel seamless, and allow for a fantastic flow through the song. The bridge brings all of these elements together, and allows the track to truly shine.

Seven” is an equally enchanting piece, that really brings out the creativity in this collaboration. The song is lead throughout by a gorgeous, vibrating synth, underscored by a stout baseline that gives it a much deeper, darker trance sound. The sound design and chord progression on “Seven” are also an excellent collaboration between the two, and show great elements from both Sunny Lax and Genix. After the initial lead in, the synth evolves in the climb of the piece and the bass line becomes more pronounced, which sweeps into the booming, yet upbeat bridge. With some light vocals that have been heavily, yet catchy, edited with reverberation effects, the bridge is what truly brings the piece together into a fantastic trance tune.

Anjunabeats has had a quality start to 2016, and Genix and Sunny Lax’s collaboration is a big reason for that.  The two artists’ collaboration is a great showing by the duo and the record label to produce new, quality trance music, and to push the boundaries of the trance genre as well. Hopefully, we will see some great individual tracks from Genix and Sunny Lax, and maybe even another collaboration in the future!

Grab your copy of “Black Water/Seven” on Beatport, or listen on Soundcloud below!

Phil is a senior Accounting student at Ohio State University, who seeks to share his passion for Electronic Dance Music and its culture all across the globe, one person at a time.

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