Greg Gatsby fuses Bass House & Trap with “Feels”

Greg Gatsby is a name you’ll likely see popping up more and more in the dance music spotlight in the near future. The Boston native has been laying down serious work ahead of the upcoming summer ‘rave season’. In the build up to his Freshman EP, “I Made You a Mixtape”, the young American has just released his latest free download, “Feels”.

Pairing up with the Rorschach Music Group, the charismastic DJ/Producer has entering a new realm of sound for his portfolio. Tapping into the more futuristic bass house sub-genre, Greg Gatsby also infuses an air of trap with the track. Dynamic in format and sound, “Feels” is at rapturous at the start, as is at the end – much like Greg Gatsby’s sets and career as a whole to date.

Created for an art project of all things, the track’s unique sourcing certainly doesn’t take anything away. If anything it adds to it. Dominated by a riveting bass, the track starts as it means to finish. With an almost surreal hype surrounding its atmosphere, the drawn chords and percussive FX infuse “Feels” with a building energy. Warped synths and glorified tempo are met with curated distortion and creative overlays, resulting in a progressing mood of rave and adrenaline.

With big tunes like “Kappa”, “Don’t Bail Out (The Rebirth)” and the sumptuous “Circus Time”, one of Boston’s emerging talent’s is already making waves and turning heads on the larger scale’s. Carrying a material bank that is as diverse as it is high in standard, we have little doubt we’ll be hearing Greg Gatsby’s name soon.

Be sure to grab your free download and prepare your bookmarks for their latest addition with the link below!

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