Klingande ft. Daylight – Losing U

Cedric Steinmyller, or better known as Klingande, is one of the most prominent producers within the realm of melodic and tropical house music. His uplifting sounds have been applauded by many people, especially from his breakthrough hit “Jubel” in 2013.

Garnering millions of plays on Youtube, Soundcloud, and Spotify, the chart-topping single was able to immensely propel Klingande’s career forward and amass a large following for the Croix native. After a hiatus from releasing music, Klingande has finally returned and has recently released his brand new track titled “Losing U”.

Opening with a gorgeous melody, the track immediately brings out the signature sounds Klingande is well-known for. The astounding, emotionally-driven vocals then kick in, which mesh impeccably with the equally beautiful instrumentals.

Featuring the heartwarming sounds of the piano and violin, the progressions of this tune are absolutely moving and provide quite a mesmerizing auditory experience. From beginning till end, “Losing U” enthralls the listeners with its flawless combination of different musical elements and displays Klingande’s undeniable skill of producing such high-quality content.

The track is out now and you can grab a copy here.