Throwback: Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

Swedish House Mafia tend to come up a lot for us. Their impact helped shape the electronic dance music scene and bring it to the forefront of mainstream attention. And while their separation was one of our darker moments, it’s led to a rejuvenation for the 3 individuals as creatives and artists.

However some of their finest moments will remain in the ‘Timeless’ category of our musical memories.

Sometimes there are tracks that just hit a chord with us. Even if we’ve heard that track a hundred times before. The setting, the context, the subtle changes and creative imagination behind the tune add the extra finesse needed to push it from a great standing to a legendary status. And Swedish House Mafia’s rendition of “Greyhound” at their defining and iconic Madison Square Garden set, is one of those.

Combining their esteemed instrumental track with Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso’s “Together“, the resulting 7 minutes fused the melodic power of “Greyhound” and the atmospheric aurora¬†of the vocal track. Opening with distorted, unrelated sounds in dynamic and accumulating manner, acted as a masterstroke that grabbed attention and amped suspense to the listening ear.

With the harmonic vocals glistening into the forefront as the stormy electornic layers calm in the background, the emergence of that iconic Swedish House Mafia development from the depths adds to the hype and excitement the venue deserved and had become renowned for. Transitioning from the euphoric organ keys to “Greyhound” is no small feat, but it doesn’t half make the dropping progression evermore satisfying. Continuing on towards the octane-fueled melody, the final 3 minutes remind you how a 2-hour Swedish House Mafia set could go by in a flash of an eye. Continually adapting and evolving the core elements to the track became a signature characteristic for the trio, and what helped elevate and draw out energy levels far beyond anyone’s expectation or prediction.

Undoubtedly leading to the word ‘eargasm’ for many, the Madison Square Garden version of “Greyhound” is already down in recent EDM folklore as a defining musical piece. As well as acting as a tangible memory and suitable legacy of the industry’s supergroup.

Relive the magic one more time below with the mastered version below!

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