Deadmau5 initiates yet another Twitter battle, this time with Spotify

Deadmau5 has done it again with his Twitter antics. Okay, maybe this time the Canadian dance music mammoth has a point in his rant. Apparently, Joel was invited by music streaming service, Spotify and YouTube EDM channel Proximity, to play at one of their exclusive events. When Joel showed up prepared to play a deadmau5 set, the event organisers said something along the lines of “You didn’t bring your own mixer? Oh, you can’t play.”

We’re not sure how accurate the story is but you can take deadmau5′ word for it, if you want. Joel has continued to tweet about the situation with the likes of Zedd stepping into the comedic situation. All we’ve got to do is wait for Spotify’s response, this is likely to go on for a few hours…

Someone offered deadmau5 as things progressed…

Here’s what deadmau5 had to say.

The night was saved by Don Diablo and Hellberg who performed a compensating b2b set!