Ferry Corsten celebrates a decade of ‘Beautiful’ with remixes from Aly & Fila, MaRLo & Seven Lions

Released in 2006, “Beautiful” is undoubtedly a track every trance fan can relate to, a track that brings us memories, emotions & a feeling of complete eternity. I mean, let’s face it, how many of us have not shred a tear or two during a gig, whilst this one was playing? 10 years later, Ferry Corsten‘s own Flashover Recordings are bringing the track back to life, with a special “Remixed” EP. And before you go ahead being like “oh no, no one touches a classic”,  let me assure you, this one deserves your attention.

The variety of artists that have been given the honor to work with this masterpiece can not go unnoticed, delivering a bite for each and every taste, but with one thing in common – power!

Speaking of power, Egypt’s own Aly & Fila premiered their stunning work on their “Essential Mix” in the beginning of March, leaving all uplifting fans in awe. The production has found its place in numerous sets of names such as, well, literally everyone in the trance scene & has already won the love of the global #trancefamily by winning “Future Favorite” on ASOT756.

Australia’s best trance export MaRLo, on the other hand, took down the orchestral role, showing a more emotional side, typical to his previous tracks such as “The Dreamers”. While most of us might have been expecting a Tech-Energy take, which is rather true to the artist, it shows once again how unpredictable the aussie is.

And as we touched the topic of variety in the beginning, third but not least is the stunning work of Seven Lions. No stranger to the trance scene, the dubstep (well, and not only!) master is the true example that combining the best of both worlds can turn into something that you want to repeat over & over again. All in for breaking the whole genres separation! The production took only a day to occupy Beatport’s Dubstep Number 1 spot.

And regardless of how many nice words we say, the music speaks even better, so we let you be the judge.

The EP is available for grabs on Beatport here.