Julian Jordan – Pilot

Since Julian Jordan followed in the footsteps of Martin Garrix by leaving Spinnin Records, the incredibly talented youngster has become set on being more creative than ever, and his latest release ‘Pilot‘ proves that he is keeping his promise. We already know about Julian’s unique production skills, with previous releases such as ‘Blinded By The Light‘ and ‘Lost Words’ being prime examples of this, but now Julian heads in a new direction with his debut release on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

A jittering, kinetic, energetic take on electro house, ‘Pilot’ sees Jordan experiment with the conventions of contemporary dance music to produce a rousing dancefloor filler. Following in the trend of chopped vocals, he combines the sliding cuts with atmospheric chords before the introduction of the raw lead synths. The massive kick is underpinned by the rumbling bassline and unique synths, with a tribal beat throughout the drop. If this track is anything to go by, the hype around Julian Jordan is justified as the Dutch producer continues to gather momentum and diversify his productions. Leaving Spinnin Records may turn out to be the best decision he ever made.

Pilot‘ is set to be released on released on April 4th, but for now you can stream the preview below.