Mat Zo ft. I See Monstas – Sinful

These days, Mat Zo is just as likely to churn out a hammering drum ‘n’ bass single as a disco-tinged house track. It’s this kind of variety that has cemented him as one of our favorite producers over the past few years. It’s worth remembering, however, that before his creative awakening took form, the British producer was crafting some of the finest trance and progressive house around for Anjunabeats. His free demo “Don’t Say The T Word” brought listeners back to the ’90s when trance was reaching its commercial peak.

Now, after presenting his leading single “Soul Food” from his upcoming sophomore album “Self Assemble” one month ago, Mat Zo maintains these vintage facets and presents his second gem. Much like in “Soul Food”, guitars play a main role in his newest production alongside I See Monstas. “Sinful” is a genre-defying fusion of harmonic chords and groovy breaks that undulate between less bass than usual and ethereal melodies.

The track will take part in Zo’s album “Self Assemble”, which is set to drop on March 25th.

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