NERVO sisters pose and open up in interview for Playboy

NERVO are not only the true example that women can indeed be successful in the music industry, but have also proven that they can do it much better than even most of men. The australian composers, songwriters, singers, DJs, models, producers and last, but not least, stunnning twins have won the hearts of millions, performing at the biggest festivals & clubs around the globe.

Recently the duo invited Playboy to their hotel room in Las Vegas, who caught a glimpse of the sisters behind closed doors, featuring them in their “Social Media Stars” series. Take a peak behind the scenes of the pictorial, as well as a personal interview, in which NERVO oppose to all twins stereotypes. Who’s the better singer? Do Australians ride kangaroos to school? Is there a telekinetic link between twins?

The answers to these & more you can watch in the interview here. The full photoshoot can be seen at