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Definitely one of the most

Seven Lions – Creation EP

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Definitely one of the most acclaimed producers of the past number of years, Seven Lions stole many of our hearts with his beautiful melodic dubstep and incredible remixes, which put a massive amount of emotion back into electronic music at a time when many felt it was becoming too generic. Having now explored a range of genres over the past number of years, the American’s latest EP sees a number of these styles meshed together with even some acoustic and rock elements acting as a nod to Seven Lions’ more traditional roots.

Starting off the EP with the beautiful “Intro“, a stunning orchestral piece that really exhibits Seven Lions’ musicianship and compositional skills. It’s good to see electronic artists explore more traditional avenues and this is a theme that features throughout the EP. “Summer of the Occult” brings us back to the classic melodic dubstep vibe with a middle-eastern inspired twist. This is a complete monster of a track and shows off Jeff’s knack for insane sound design. “Creation” is a straight up electro house banger that sounds like it could easily have been produced by someone like Feed Me. Infused with dubstep elements, this is our favorite off of the EP.

Taking a completely different direction with “Coming Home“, this is unlike anything Seven Lions has done before and is a fun pop-inspired track. While it seems a bit out of place, it’s something different and a brave decision to include on the EP. “The Journey” sees Jeff’s rock roots really coming through in what’s a fusion between heavy guitars and dubstep and at times, it feels like a rock ballad. This is again one of the standout tracks and features a lot of experimentation to create an interesting blend of sounds.

Moving onto one of his more popular tracks over the past number of months, the festival mix of “Falling Away” is a nice progressive track with a great uplifting vibe that’ll no doubt transport you to summer time. To close the EP, we’re treated to the experimental “Leaving Earth” that features a combination of a number of acoustic instruments and is a lovely way to finish this cracking EP from Seven Lions who’s definitely cementing himself as one of the best producers¬†in the world of dance music.

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