Shapov – Future Rave

Recording his fifth straight release on Axwell‘s musical abode of Axtone Records, Shapov has really come together as an act, as a producer and most importantly as one of the many outlets of good music on the label as he enters his second year with the moniker. And what is more is that the music on Axtone in general seems to go past the whole notion of genres in the sphere of Electronic Dance Music, a quality that is well embodied by Shapov’s next release on the label – ‘Future Rave‘.

“Future Rave” is an absolute stomper of a record. Plain and simple this is a downright banger. Infusing electro elements with some booming fat beats in the intro that shows off Shapov’s knack for sound design, we’re left absolutely blown away within the first 30 seconds by how heavy this record is. Before long we’re shown an almost trap-esque breakdown with some hard hitting 808 bass coupled with funky drum rhythms which show’s off the Russian’s incredible production talents. As Axwell would say, there’s a lot of “professor” stuff going down in this track!

The climax blends all of the previous elements together and really brings the tune full circle, infusing the minimal aspects of the intro with the breakdown we’re hit with an astonishing wall of sound that will no doubt sound nuts on any club or festival sound system.

What’s great about this track is that it exhibits some next level production and completely different than so many other tracks being released these days. Shapov is breathing some fresh life into a genre that can feel oversaturated at times and we’re more than excited to hear what else he’s got cooking.

The track is now out on Axtone and available through Beatport here!