TJR – We Wanna Party

TJR’s next big festival anthem is here.  From the man who brought you mainstage bangers like ‘Ode to Oi,‘ ‘What’s Up Suckaz,‘ and ‘Bounce Generation,‘ the American great’s next single, ‘We Wanna Party‘ featuring Savage, has arrived.  This record will be sampled in a lot of sets this summer.

TJR has an incredible ability to keep crowds going with his high energy records that are filled with bouncing, infectious beats and catchy refrains.  His latest single continues the trend with some clever synth work and a familiar chorus from Savage that sets the tone for the party.  Be on the lookout for ‘We Wanna Party’ as this is sure to be played a lot in a couple of weeks at Ultra Music Festival.

TJR’s ‘We Wanna Party’ is released on Spinnin’ Records and available now on Beatport and iTunes.