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This week we made a post on our Facebook about the temporary shift of artwork designs at the Axtone camp. Well, as we had expected, the sentiment was shared widely as everyone was eagerly waiting for more creative and striking artworks from Breakfast Design’s Jens Grönberg. Under this period, despite the change in the visual appeal, Axtone has had no reason to stop releasing music. And following up MEG & NERAK‘s latest release ‘Ethnos,‘ Axtone brings on another new artist to its ever increasing and ever creative collection of artists.

London based beat-master As I Am joins Axtone with his absorbing release ‘Closer,’ featuring South London based singer/songwriter Jedd Roberts. So captivating music was expected as South joins North and both Londoners brought their talents to the table for ‘Closer‘. As I Am is somebody who needs little introduction as he has been a part of the UK House scene for long – to put it into terms, he owned a label when he was 17 years old.  Besides that he has featured across radio stations and shows across UK and is frequenter on the likes of Defected Records, Hed Kandi, Bar Grooves, Ministry Of Sound among others.

The track captures groovy House vibes in its purest form. Quality, as all Axtone releases prioritize, is the track’s main asset. Combining vocal snippets from South and the drag/drop sounding beat work from North, the Londoners provide delight for the ears of any House aficionado. Succinct and hum-worthy lyrics are another feature that improves the track’s appeal. So don’t be surprised if you find this one doing rounds in your nearest clubs!

The track is available for purchase here!