ATTLAS – Aspen

Without doubt one of the most exciting producers around at the moment, Jeff Hartford, more commonly known as ATTLAS is slowly igniting the world of dance music on fire with his electric productions and top quality music.

Coming out with his latest offering on mau5trap, Aspen is hard to categorize to a single genre, which speaks volumes for the sounds that ATTLAS is pioneering. Featuring a techno styled drum rhythm that’ll have you raving away it’s layered over a simple but immensely effective synth line which when combined together act as the driving force of this colossal of a tune. Creatively also using the Indian national anthem throughout the record, and merged with some fairly atmospheric sounds to say the least, this gives off a symphonic feel to the track and makes it all the more epic.

You can stream Aspen below which is available to purchase now from Beatport, iTunes and is also on Spotify: