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Belgium to ban bags from festivals including Tomorrowland

Belgium to ban all bags from festivals including Tomorrowland

Following the Brussels terrorist attacks in March, security & threat levels remain high in the country. After last years attack in Paris, the Belgium authorities implemented a nationwide ban of all bags including handbags on all football stadiums. A similar ban now seems likely to be issued to ensure security at major music festivals, specifically Tomorrowland.

Jan Briers, governor of eastern Flanders and president of ’The Federation of Music Festivals in Flanders’ stated that he wants to see all festivals take the same security precautions as football clubs and ban all bags on the festival grounds.

”Visitors of music festivals this summer have to leave their handbags and backpacks at home”

According to Briers the most dangerous point is at the entrance to the festivals. Even though all festival-goers have to be checked, Briers ensures no long queues should arise. ”The organizers have to provide a smooth flow, eliminating the concentration of people at the entrance” – Jan Briers.

While no mention has been made about Dreamville, campers should expect additional security measures compared to previous years.

A security meeting between Briers and festival organizers is set for next Monday to discuss the issue further.

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