Deadmau5 unleashes new 7 minute original “No Problem”

Contrary to what we’ve grown accustom to from the electro-house samurai, Deadmau5, recently he’s been surprising fans with a comeback unlike anything we’ve heard from him, well…ever. Slowly transitioning his energies into more techhouse meets underground steamy synthwork, everything he’s touched in the past couple months has been a path less traveled by for him. From festivals to the countless singles he’s released, almost on the daily I might add, shines a light on what maybe the new sound we should all grow to expect from Mr. Joel Zimmerman.

No Problem“, a seven minute revamp of  his track “Snowcone“, is a beautiful depiction of where exactly he might be headed. Experimental, deep-rooted, and super-synthy might perfectly describe this tune, but with constant level changes mixed with unstoppable beat progressions, it’s truly hard to say when and where the song picks up speed. From beginning to end “No Problem” delivers towering techno vibes leading to a bridge that’s truly one of a kind. Joel seems to be really enjoying his new musical niche- And I think we all do too.

Listen here and let us know what you think.

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