Size Steve Angello

Steve Angello gives his thoughts on collaborating with others in enthralling column for Q magazine

Steve Angello is one of the longest serving and most well respected members of the dance music community. Having seen it all in the industry, from the underground to the arena via Swedish House Mafia it’s safe to say his opinion on matters regarding the world of dance music are somewhat relevant  and should be listened to.

Taking to the Q Magazine website, Angello posted a guest column in which he dissects what is important in producing something creative and different, and he places much emphasis on the effectiveness of collaborating with others in bringing about music that is fresh, original and most importantly is high quality.

Angello tells us the how working with singers in particular helped him to realise the ideas he had with his album Wild Youth: “For my new album, Wild Youth, I wanted to tell a story, and I just don’t feel like it’s possible to make a record that can do that properly without words. Using a selection of singer-songwriters gives you so much more ammunition to create a great record.”

Steve then goes on to tell us his aspirations for dance music saying “Eventually though, I hope to see a more fluid dance music industry with a different influences appearing right across the varying strands of contemporary electronic music.”

You can read the full column over at Q Magazine.