Premiere: Yves Larock – Be (Music Video)

If there are few of those artists that we remember for their one iconic single, Switzerland’s Yves Larock surely makes the cut in that list. Globally a household name for being one of the artists who put in their shift during the quick rise of Electronic Dance Music as the 2010s gathered pace, Yves Larock is famous for his 2007 hit ‘Rise Up‘ featuring Jaba on the vocals. As the song conquered the radio spaces, it wasn’t behind on charts too – standing tall at the 13th position on UK charts. And so the story was scripted. Yves Larock rose as a force in Europe and with his track being the club anthem across Europe, success sure followed.

And now it’s 2016 and he is already ruling the charts yet again with a release of his 2007 hit. ‘Rise Up 2k16,‘ the rethought version of the original, made in collaboration with the LVNDSCAPE duo stands at #4 on the Beatport charts at the time of writing. It only goes to show the power of the original and the ease with which Yves Larock can gel himself in with the status quo of Dance Music. But 2016 sees yet another quality release on yet another quality label. Stationed at Fedde Le Grand‘s Flamingo Recordings, Yves Larock’s next track ‘Be’ is already making waves across the net!

Kicking off in typical House fashion, the listeners is already travelling through a musical journey due to the swift and seamless combination of grasping beats and mesmerizing chords. The melody is, as has become the case with most Yves Larock releases, nothing less than captivating and that’s what makes ‘Be‘ suitable for clubs and festivals around the world. If you’re attending a club event at a pool party and do not hear Yves Larock’s latest work, then you need better pool parties! Be sure to check out the funky video below which features Yves Larock himself.

The track is available for a quick purchase on Flamingo Recordings through Beatport here!

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