5 years ago today, Bingo Players released “Cry (Just a little)”

Bingo Players will always be remembered for their massive hits such as Rattle and Out of My Mind, but the one track that always sticks out is “Cry (Just a little)”. Without doubt one of the best tracks released in 2011, and today that track is 5 years old.

A relatively simple track that shows sometimes less is more, this track mixed the old with the new and utilised the lyrics of 1988 hit single “Piano In The Dark” to brilliant effect creating a catchy and memorably vocal hook that always created a singalong when played at festivals and in clubs too. What set this track apart from the rest was it’s unique blend of electro and house beats and of course the vocal. The amazing work of the Bingo Players made this a track to remember and one that always works to great effect in sets.

Of course as many known by now, sadly one half of the Bingo Players, Paul Bäumer unfortunately passed away in 2013. However his legacy will live on within tracks like this, and as his partner Maarten Hoogstraten said at the time of his death, the “Bingo Players” will always be plural.