Afrojack stars in new Dutch McDonald’s advert

If anyone needed any further evidence to prove that dance music is the hottest genre of music in the world right now, a McDonald’s advert featuring Dutch sensation Afrojack surely provides that evidence.

In a short 35-second advert for the Dutch branch of the fast-food giant, Afrojack takes centre stage in front of a packed Tokyo crowd working his way up to one of his signature energy fuelled drops before swiftly transitioning into a traditional Dutch track. A dejected-looking Afrojack is clearly missing the Netherlands so when we next see the DJ he’s much happier back home as the narrator announces that “Sometimes it’s good to have something really Dutch”, before listing a number of traditional Dutch food types now available in McDonalds in Holland.

The advert says a lot for how far dance music has come as a genre. What started as a very underground culture is now a massive worldwide movement with enormous companies such as McDonald’s cashing in on the trend. This all comes after the brand recently brought in paper placement styled MIDI controllers that customers could use once hooked up to a phone app, further showing their commitment to staying at the top of the game for advertising.