Above & Beyond share tracklist and previews of Acoustic II

Many have been lucky enough to witness Acoustic II so far, as Above & Beyond sailed away on a world tour planned for 2016. Following the success of Acoustic I, the trio have initiated a tradition of presenting their club albums with an acoustic flavour. Including new releases, as well as very well established classics, Tony, Paavo & Jono are the first electronic dance music performers to focus on the small & intimate way of presenting their music, instead of the big dance arenas. Featuring a full band, it is not the dance party you might expect it to be. It is real music.

The Acoustic tour is to hit some of the most legendary theatre venues around the world, including Royal Albert Hall in London, Sydney’s Opera House, LA’s Hollywood Bowl to name a few, with each show guaranteed to be a complete sold out.

Their second acoustic album is to land on June 3rd, however a preview is already available after numerous sound-free teasers provided through Anjunabeats‘ official Snapchat. First batch of snippets include grammy-nominated collaboration with Zoe Johnston – “We Are All We Need”, alongside “Hello” & “Another Chance” with the marvellous vocals of Justine Suissa.

All 3 can be downloaded upon preordering the album, which is expected to be even more successful than its first edition. As confirmed by the trio, the album will also feature tracks with “the voice of trance” – Richard Bedford, as well as Acoustic I regular – Alex Vargas. The full tracklist, however, keeps us curious on who will be performing each of the songs.

1. Hello

2. We’re All We Need

3. On My Way To Heaven

4. Save Me

5. All Over The World

6. No One On Earth

7. Black Room Boy

8. Peace Of Mind

9. Sticky Fingers

10. Alchemy

11. Counting Down The Days / Liquid Love

12. Blue Sky Action

13. Another Chance

As we prepare ourselves for what is most probably the album of the year, or as Billboard says “one of the finest in dance music history”, pre-order the album here and indulge yourself in the magic of the first 3 previews. And if you like them as much as we do, see you at one of the few dates  of the tour for which tickets are still available.