Cazzette Announces Brand New Single “Blue Sky”

Cazzette, electronic music maestros hailing from Sweden, is back with a brand new Tango-influenced track titled “Blue Sky” – a collaboration with Laleh. Known for the versatility in their music, Cazzette has brought us bangers ranging from electro-house to deep house. The ever-changing and dynamic style of production is visible in all of their work, and with “Blue Sky”, they truly have turned a new page in the EDM scene. Speaking of change, unfortunately, Sebastian will no longer tour as a part of Cazzette in the future.

Breaking in the track with some suspenseful guitar stringing, the duo has set a electrifying tone for what is to come. Accompanied by the breathtaking vocals by Laleh and thick bass drum kicks, the duo transformed the track into the deep house infused genre we all love so much. On top of that, Cazzette incorporated funky, tone-bending vocals at times, to keep the relentless tango back beats interesting. Check out the track below.

Out on June 3rd