Dance music’s Clubs & Festivals impressive numbers

As this week has already shown, Dance Music is continuing to dominate the growth of the music industry. Nearing the double-digit billion dollar mark each year, the $7.1 billion valuation provided by the IMS Business Report this year also shone light on statistic’s to do with the Clubs and Festivals within the scene.

Opening with DJ Mag’s rankings of the Top 100 Clubs, 9 of the 20 new entries were from Asia. With four of those sourcing from China. Also of note was the highest new entry, which was of course Omnia Las Vegas, as well as the Middle East’s first charting club, the White Club in developing party-hub Dubai.


In regarding to the attendance of dance music events, the report found that 1 in 6 people from the UK had attended an event in the past three years, with Spain having the figure of 1 in 3. Interestingly, these were both higher than in the perceived hub of dance music, the Netherlands, which had only 14% of the population attend.

The average amount spent on tickets however wasn’t in that order, with the UK spending 38 Euros more than the second highest, Spain. Both Spain and the Netherlands sat at around the 50 Euro mark.

However, all of this combined hasn’t translated to Year on Year increases in attendance, with the US being the only nation showing growth. The most significant of which sourced from Club Events with no specific headline DJ. Although, those with a specific one, or a live session at a club/bar also showed an increase in attendance. The overall effect resulting in Dance Music going against the trend of ‘no-change’ for the overall music scene.

Ticket prices for one of the worlds most hotly demanded tickets were also shown to have increased. This news coming as over 180,000 people are expected to attend Tomorrowland 2016 next month. Now paying 60% more than in 2012, the festival can now claim to have nearly 18 million fans on social media, and over 700 million views of Youtube. 3
EDC Las Vegas, and its contribution to the local economy has been documented in the past, with the included study in the IMS Business Report for the year suggesting it had brought in $1.3 Billion in the past five years alone. Over 1.7 million people have attended since 2010, spending nearly $100 million on transport, and nearly $200 million on food and beverage. However, a more interesting detail is that the festival owner’s Insomniac, and their spending, contributed a little more than that of the fans themselves. State and local taxes related to the event brought in $81 million alone. 4

With the ever-expanding reach of dance music now prompting festivals headlined by the industry’s biggest names in the likes of Panama, Cuba, Vietnam and even the Philippines, next years statistics will be just as interesting.

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