David Guetta goes underground with his newest release “Pelican”

“Titanium” master David Guetta is no newbie to experimenting with genres and overall sound design when producing. Grossing multiple platinum records, awards, etc. Mr. Guetta’s decade of music seems to have spontaneous bursts of diversity; his new Pelican Project is no different. Released earlier this week on his record label, Jack Back Records, “Pelican” is a completely new, fresh sound different from anything we heard from his 2015 album, ‘Listen‘.

The track and album, ‘Listen Again‘, do an excellent job reworking some of the old house I think we’ve been missing since he started collabing with today’s Top 100 artists; including a slue of remixes and originals all geared towards a more unground, gritty, club-like vibe.

As many are saying, this record has a much different feel from what we’ve grown to expect from the 48 year old DJ mastermind, but maybe this will surprise people and do better than expected. Regardless, I think we can all give Guetta a shoutout for switching things up and keeping his talents at an always, 100%.

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