deadmau5 plans to give life back to his renowned Cube stage

Deadmau5 has been hyper-active with his music project lately and it seems he’s determined to do everything to stay on top of his game. Joel Zimmerman just announced a few plans to revamp his Cube stage concept, an incredibly platform that follows him on his tours with its audio-visual perfection. It’s no wonder the Canadian dance music mammoth has managed to stay in the big leagues for all these years.

Debuted in 2010, the Cube stage is by far one of the mau5′ biggest crowd puller. Joel plans to bring back the cube in all its glory with the help of Tait Towers, an engineering firm specialised with equipment and stage set ups.

Deadmau5 also plans to drop a whopping 2 million-“ish” on the revamp process.

Cool sh*t indeed, Joel.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut