deadmau5 embarks on a lawsuit against record label who’s artist clearly copied unreleased track

deadmau5 is an artist who’s never short of controversy. Embroiled in numerous Twitter feuds and various arguments with other’s in the music industry. The latest mau5 news is that he’s about to start a lawsuit with the record label Playtime Records after their artist FAKU released a track entitled “Purple Eyes” on Beatport which bears striking resemblances with Joel’s unreleased record “Sellout” which he uploaded to his Soundcloud page last week.

Listening to a comparison of the tracks it’s quite clearly obvious that FAKU has taken various elements from “Sellout” and branded it off as his own, even more embarrassing is the fact that the mau5 uploaded the track as a joke, and yet FAKU is releasing it as a legitimate track to try and make money off.

Taking to Twitter to speak on the matter, Joel uploaded a couple of tweets to say he’d be getting his lawyers on the case of this one, and the below video shows a comparison of the tracks so we can tell how similar they are: