Dyro speaks about his label and Martin Garrix collaboration rumors in recent interview

Dutch mastermind Dyro is undoubtedly one of the biggest names within the sphere of dance music. While being under the wing of Revealed Recordings head honcho Hardwell, Dyro had an immediate rise to stardom with monstrous releases such as “Never Say Goodbye” and “Leprechauns and Unicorns”. After amassing a strong following, the Leiden-native then established his own record label in 2014, which he named WOLV Records.

With this label, Dyro aimed to set a platform for upcoming artists to have their talents showcased rather than to release singles that would compete with the chart-toppers. According to Dyro:

“One reason I believe there’s so many DJs in Holland is that we all help each other. A lot of people helped me in my career so it’s cool to give something back.”

In particular, one of those people happens to be his friend Martin Garrix. Many fans over the past few months have been anxiously waiting for an official announcement regarding a collaboration between the two Dutch producers after a few social media posts of them inside a studio together. In response to these rumors, Dyro confirmed:

“I think as much as we like to hang out, our styles are a little bit too different to do something.”

Unfortunately, this highly anticipated collaboration between Dyro and Garrix will not be releasing anytime soon. Dyro, however, still has a lot of surprises planned for his massive fan base in 2016. On April 22nd, he spent another birthday hosting a show but this year, he performed a slightly more mellow set at Webster Hall in New York. Before taking center stage, Dyro stated:

“I knew when I was 14 years old that I was going to do something different, but I never knew I was going to be like doing a show in New York tonight. Life is never what you expect it to be.”

In front of the packed crowd, he played numerous unreleased tracks, including a “dubstep-trap hybrid song”. Talking about this upcoming single, Dyro said:

“We really want to release it, but right now it’s still in the process. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be on my label. I think it would be good to maybe do some other labels for instance just to broaden the horizon a little more.”

Lastly, during the interview, Dyro talked about his thoughts on the overall state of dance music today. He stated:

“The hard kick drum and basic melodies on top, yes, that’s definitely over. It’s boring as hell and nobody cares anymore. Right now we’re at the point where there’s a lot of original stuff being released, and that also gives the opportunity for new artists to build their careers on top of that.”

In addition, Dyro revealed that he wants to take part in the evolving scene and said:

“I think that a good artist can do his own thing and still adapt with what’s popular, and if you do that you can be around for a long time.”

Source: Billboard