Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz curates a 150 track Spotify playlist spanning his entire career

Eric Prydz is undoubtedly one of dance music’s prized possessions. Bound by the integrity of his process, sound and overall production, the quality that results is hardly matched by anyone in its history. However, the sheer quantity of his work under his 3 main alias’ and through his two labels is often overlooked.

Having delivered is long awaited, and duly constructed debut albu, ‘Opus’, earlier this year, we were reminded once again as we reminisced on his work, at the stature of his production portfolio. Spanning a range of lengths, sounds, structures and sub-genre’s, the 15 year career has resulted in him exploring and traversing several sound spectrum’s.

Pairing up with Spotify, Eric Prydz just released a 150-song playlist of the material that acts as the predecessor’s of ‘Opus’. Helping fans unlock the cryptic production code and subtleties of his studio-works direction. Including a vast array of work from his pseudonyms Cirez D and Pryda, the playlist titled ‘Eric Prydz OPUS’, it acts as more of a collection of his work in its cumulative entirety.

Featuring audio clips from an interview with the Swedish pioneer at their New York headquarters, Spotify allow fans to understand a bit more about the illustrious career. Spanning from his time in London to his routine of production, Prydz also mentions something rather potent:

 “I do music that excites me… I don’t listen to trends, I kind of just do my own thing.”

And on that rather harmonic note, here is 150 tracks and over 14 hours of some of Sweden’s finest musical exports.


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